Mounting Adhesive – Tytan Professional Multi – Purpose

TYTAN Professional Multi – Purpose is a ready-to-use adhesive based on synthetic rubber and resins with a good adhesion to a wide range of building materials such as: concrete, plaster, gypsum, wood, chipboard, plywood, plaster boards, fibre boards, ceramic tiles or polystyrene. Also perfect for mirror installation. Forms a permanently flexible and durable bond and is resistant to dampness. After cure, the joint is resistant to all weather conditions: moisture, water and frost. Product have good high temperature and frost resistance.


  • Universal use
  • Exterior / interior use
  • Excellent strength
  • Water and frost resistant
  • Suitable for mirrors

Application instructio

Preparation – surfaces must be dry, level and free of dust, loose materials, grease, oils, paint, wax, rust, traces of gypsum or other materials which would impair the bond of the adhesive.

Application – After cutting the nozzle to the required fissure width, cut the cartridge outlet to suit the thread and screw on the nozzle. Insert the cartridge into the applicator gun and then apply the glue in strips on the whole of the surface to be bonded, maintaining a distance of 5 cm between strips and 2 cm distance from the element edge. Join the surfaces together and press them strongly and evenly. Position of the element can be adjusted by 2-3 mm within about 3-5 min. from the moment of joining both surfaces (without disconnecting of elements). In case of bigger elements (above 0,15 m2 ) use supporting elements preventing slipping. Optimal conditions for bonding are: temperature about 15-25°C and relative air humidity about 60%.

Adhesion tests prior to the application are recommended.

Cleaning – mineral spirits or acetone before curing , mechanically after curing.

Remarks – avoid contact with water until the adhesive is fully cured. Not recommended for PE, PP, Teflon, surfaces permanently wet.

Due to the variety of safety backing materials currently available on the market, it is strongly recommended that the user carries out trials to confirm high quality of bonding.

The data contained herein are measured in temperature of 20°C and relative air humidity of 50%. Otherwise the curing time can change to longest or shortest.

Technical data


COMPOSITION synthetic rubber in organic solvents


DENSITY 1,30 ± 0,10 g/cm³



WORKING TIME 5 – 10 minutes

FULL CURE TIME up to 72 hours

YIELD 300 – 500 g/m²

FLAMMABILITY flammable uncured, non-flammable cured


JOINT TYPE flexible


CURE from -20°C to +60°C


Complies with GB 18583-2008 standard.

Limit of harmful substances of adhesives
CR Rubber Adhesive SBS Adhesive
Free Formaldehyde (g/kg)
Benzene (g/kg)
Toluene + xylene (g/kg)
Methylene dichloride (g/kg)
Total ≤5.0
Dutch liquid (g/kg)
Total ≤5.0
Trichloroethane (g/kg)
Trichloroethylene (g/kg)
Total volatile organic matters (g/L) ≤700 ≤650

Logistic informatio

 Product Code Contents Packaging Units per box Standard units per WAC – pallet EAN Code
0563 310ml cartridge 12 3024 590 7516 90563 6

Warranted shelf life is 18 months from the manufacturing date, when stored in unopened original cartridges. Store At temperature from +5 C to +30 C in a dry place. Keep away from frost.

Safety and health precautions

Apply the usual hygienic measures. For detailed information refer to Material Safety Data Sheet available at Selena Co. S.A. upon request.

Contains: heptane, hexane, isomers. R52 Harmful to aquatic organisms. R66 Repeated exposure can cause drying or cracking of skin. R67 Vapours may cause nausea and vomiting. S2 Keep out of the reach of children. S9 Keep container tightly closed and in a well ventilated place. S16 Keep away from sources of ignition – no smoking. S23 Do not breathe vapours. S33 Take precautionary measures against static discharges. S38 Put on the facemask by insufficient ventilation. S46 When swallowed seek medical help and show the label.

Disposal considerations: Product remains and empty cartridges must be disposed of in compliance with official regulations.